About Me

I’m Andrew. I’m a software quality assurance engineer: my job is to make sure software works correctly, and also to figure out how to break it. I’m pretty good at breaking stuff. I studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering student at the University of Michigan. I enjoy learning about how things work, and how to make them better.

For most of my life, I have taken things apart, and every so often I’ll put them back together. Starting when I was in grade school, every time an appliance broke, my dad would take it apart and let me ‘help’. I remember stuff like a radio, a toaster oven, and a washer. Eventually he allowed me to take them apart myself.

My mom worked at a data center and would bring home computers and parts that were old, broken, or both. I was free to do whatever I wanted with them. I still have most of what she brought home. I wasn’t allowed to have video games until I was 11, other than computer games, so I initially wanted to learn about computers¬† so I could have my own and play games as much as I wanted. This made sense in the mind of a 9 year old. I got many computers, and learned a ton about them, but never really got into computer gaming. I’ve played with all sorts of hardware and I collect old hardware that still works.

I never thought to blog about my projects and adventures, so I’m going to post a bit about some older projects as well as some that I’m still working on. And again after a few year hiatus, I have quite a few past projects to share.

This time around though, I’ve been sharing pictures and updates on a couple different chat platforms (slack, discord, element/matrix), and thought it would be better to consolidate all my projects in one place.

    • Grandma
    • March 30th, 2011

    Interesting reading and an interesting thing to do. If you’re ready to start throwing stuff out – I suppose I’m not likely to unload my old laptop on you!

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